Summer is finally upon us and we are feeling wonderful! Finally, we get to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our skin and the simple pleasure of being outdoors after months of being cooped up indoors.

As with every season, the summer brings about its own set of challenges. Those of us with sensitive eyes or who face specific eye conditions have to be extra careful during the summer months.

So what are some of the issues we face in the summer and how can we ensure we are taking proper care of our eyes?

Let's explore it together:


We’ve been waiting for it and dreaming about it for months, yet the sunlight is the most obvious challenge for all of us and even more so, for those of us with sensitive eyes. 

What exactly is so dangerous about the sun? In short, exposure to its’ UV rays. Direct contact with sunlight can lead to multiple long-term eye problems, most of which begin symptom-free [1]. If you struggle with Dry Eye, you’ll feel a heightened sensitivity to light – which is why ensuring the right kind of protection is imperative. If you wear contact lenses regularly, you may also experience more sensitive, dry eyes as a result of climate change. 

 SOLUTION: make sure to wear proper sunglasses with UV protection, as well as a hat to avoid direct sun exposure to the eyes. If you usually wear contact lenses, try giving your eyes a break from time to time and opt for glasses more often in order to avoid irritation or dryness. Keep in my that you should  never swim in your contact lenses! Beach and pool time are a wonderful opportunity to give those eyes a rest. And of course, your kiddos need the same care, so sunglasses and a hat are always recommended. We particularly love and use Glambaby sunglasses on our children due to their high quality and strong UV protection!



Looking forward to using your new barbecue and to roasting marshmallows on the bonfire?  Enjoy it! Just be aware that smoke is one of the many elements we expose our eyes to during the summer that can cause excess irritation to the eyes. 

SOLUTION: when around a grill or fire, make sure to wear eye protection and maintain a healthy distance from the heavy smoke area. Keep those sunglasses on and some eye drops handy when going to eat out on the terrace, or to outdoor concerts, festivals and shows where cigarette smoke may be present. 


 Eye products (makeup & sunscreen): 

Keep in mind that Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) in Dry eye sufferers is blockages of the little glands in our eyelids that secrete the necessary oils to keep the tears stuck onto the surface of the eye.  Anything from extra sweat that comes from the summer heat, to eye makeup from that night on the town or to our everyday application of sunscreen can cause extra blockages in the eye area. 

 SOLUTION: Ladies, don’t worry, you can continue wearing those glamorous summer eye makeup looks. Just remember to clean your eyes and face well at the end of each day. Avoid applying sunscreen too close to the eyes, and when you apply, be sure to wash your hands very well so the sunscreen is off your hands and won’t land in your eyes by accident. 

We offer an array of high-quality eye cleansing products on the Eye Drop Shop that will help clear the debris and bacteria that accumulates on our eyes after a long summer day. 

Wishing you and yours a fun-filled, relaxing summer!

XO The Eye Drop Shop Team 






July 02, 2019

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