OPTASE® Allegro Eye Drops

By Optase

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 Fast Acting, Drug Free Drop that provides a First line of Defense against Allergy-Related Dry Eye.  Allergo is a  allergy-related-dry eye preservative free lubricant, that acts as a first line of defense to stop allergens in their tracks. The unique formulation of Ectoin and Hydroxyethyl cellulose lubricates and stabilizes the tear film, creating a protective barrier to help prevent the entry of allergens.  Allegro is clinically proven to alleviate red, itchy and watery eyes attributed to OA & DED, and be as effective as drug based treatments.

When to Use

  • If you need instant comforting relief from environmental irritants, choose OPTASE® Allegro Eye Drops.
  • Optase® Allegro Eye Drops works in 30 seconds to provide effective symptom relief of allergy induced irritations.

Bottle Size:  10ml (300 drops)

Contact Lens Compatible: Yes

How It Works
  • Optase® Allegro Eye Drops acts as a first line of defense to stop allergens in their tracks by creating a more protective tear film and strengthening the ocular mucosa.

  • This unique formulation includes Ectoin® which creates a water rich shield to protect epithelial cells from allergens, as well as Hydroxyethyl cellulose which lubricates the tear film.

      How To Use
      • 1. Before use please ensure the tamper evidence seal is intact.
      • 2. Wash hands well before use.
      • 3. Take off the protection cap.
      • 4. Tilt your head backwards and put one or two drops directly into the lower conjunctival sac (the space between the eye and eyelid) while gently pulling the lower lid downwards and looking up.
      • 5. Ensure you do not touch the eye or eyelids with the tip of the bottle.
      • 6. Put the protection cap back on the nozzle head. 

      Active Ingredients: Hydroxyethyl Cellulose – 0.35% (Eye Lubricant)

      Inactive Ingredients: Citric Acid, Ectoin, Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate