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The Critical Antioxidants for Crisp, Clear VisionEyePromise® Zeaxanthin + Lutein is a simple, nutritional supplement that provides the critical antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein. EyePromise Zeaxanthin + Lutein offers the optimal combination of essential nutrients for healthy vision. This formula was created with dietary ingredients in the amount necessary to build and support your eye’s natural protection, and it’s perfect for people looking to add an eye-healthy vitamin to their daily vitamin regimen, vegetarians, or vegans. 

Why Zeaxanthin + Lutein? 

  • High-quality, natural ingredients
  •  Safe for vegetarians and vegans
  •  NSF Contents Tested 
  • Certified 60-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee

The body doesn’t make these important nutrients on its own, so we must eat them in order to sustain the amounts we need. Zeaxanthin can be found in brightly colored vegetables like orange bell peppers and paprika peppers. However, it’s scarce in the average American diet with the average person getting 0.5-1 mg a day with the recommendation being at least 8 mg. Lutein can be found in leafy greens like spinach, kale, and broccoli. While this antioxidant is more prevalent in the diet than zeaxanthin, it can still be difficult to get the amounts necessary to support eye health. 

After taking EyePromise Zeaxanthin + Lutein for 3 months, your eyes will have superpowers! Well, not really, but here are some very real changes* you may notice: 

  • Visual acuity: you may find yourself seeing details easier or being able to read certain signs from further away than before. 
  • Contrast sensitivity: you may notice you can more easily discern that the dark figure in the distance is one of those metal statues rather than a real person during the evening. 
  • Light and glare sensitivity: you may notice you’re driving at night with more confidence and the bright headlights are causing you fewer problems. 
  • Vision in low light: you may notice that it’s easier for you to read the menu in that restaurant with the unusually dark mood lighting.
Ingredients Explained
  • Zeaxanthin - The most critical nutrient needed for vision support and improvement. Zeaxanthin acts as “internal sunglasses” for vision by building the eye's natural protection from harmful blue light and other damaging elements called oxidants. This nutrient is scarce in the typical American diet.

  • Lutein- This nutrient works with zeaxanthin in supporting and improving vision.

Other Ingredients:  Olive oil, ZeaGold® (paprika extract, canola oil, natural tocopherols, ascorbic acid), starch, glycerin, purified water, safflower oil, maltitol, carrageenan, marigold flower extract. Yeast/gluten free.