Oasis REST & RELIEF™ Eye Mask


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RELIEF FOR DRY EYES with both heat therapy for the relief of dry eye symptoms and cold therapy for puffy tired eyes. Use as directed.

Product Features
  • Temperature retaining beads that conform to the body in a soft knit cloth mask for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable strap for comfortable compression
  • Washable cover
How to Use

Hot Therapy

  1. Keep eye mask at room temperature before heating
  2. Place eye mask flat on microwave safe dish.
  3. Set microwave power to high and heat for 20 seconds. 
  4. Before applying, touch eye mask on the inside of your wrist to test for desired temperature. If mask is too hot, allow it to cool for 2 minutes and test again. For additional heat, add in 5 second increments to obtain your desired temperature. Do not exceed a maximum of 30 seconds per heating.  
  5. Place eye mask over closed eyes. Optionally, secure adjustable strap.
  6. Wear for up to 15 minutes or as directed by a physician. 

Cold Therapy

  1. Place eye mask in the freezer for 30 minutes. 
  2. Remove mask from freezer and place over closed eyes. Wear for up to 10 minutes as directed by a physician.