Oasis TEARS® HYPOCHLOROUS™ Eyelid & Lash Cleansing Spray


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Gentle, non-toxic and natural antimicrobial formula for use daily on eyelids and lashes. 

Oasis TEARS® HYPOCHLOROUS contains Hypochlorous Acid, a known antimicrobial, which serves to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Hypochlorous Acid cleanses irritated eyelids of bioburden. This natural antimicrobial can be sprayed directly onto closed eyelids to soothe them from irritation. The no-rinse spray can air-dry on. 

Product Size: 55mL spray bottle
Current Stock Expiry Date: July 2025



  • Gentle for daily use
  • .012% Hypochlorous Acid
  • Antimicrobial
How To Use
  • Wash hands.
  • For best results, it is recommended to remove any existing ocular debris and makeup.
  • Spray Oasis TEARS® HYPOCHLOROUS once onto closed eye and let dry – OR – Spray onto clean cotton pad until moistened and then gently wipe eyelids.
  • Repeat on second eye. (If using a cotton pad to apply the product, use a clean cotton pad for the second eye.)



 Hypochlorous Acid......0.012%

Electrolyzed Water, Sodium Chloride,  Phosphates, Sodium Hypochlorite